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Of Endings and Beginnings

This photograph is of the sunset from a beach near Harlech in Cardigan Bay. The colour in the sky was fabulous and I was really pleased to find a stream running across the beach to highlight the sun's reflection and create a natural lead in line to the focal point for a lovely composition.

The sunset marked the end of the day, and this day marks 2 endings for me. Firstly, Ultimate Blog Challenge finishes today after 31 days of aiming to blog every day. I didn't quite manage each day but will have completed 31 posts. It isn't really an ending though, it's a beginning. This is a new blog and I hope this challenge has set me on the way to regular blogging.

I particularly enjoyed doing the little step by step demonstration. I think that is the way I want to go with this blog. They are quite time consuming to create however so there will be fewer posts.

I also enjoy showing my photographs so will include those too. There may be very few words to accompany them so I can fit a quick post between longer how to demonstrations.

I have just one post left to write of my 31 and that will tell you about the second ending of the day :-)

Enjoy the sunset and I hope you stick around for the ensuing chapters,

All the best,


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