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Level up your Photography - Practice in your Garden

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Pear Blossom, Photography by Janice Gill

It's great to plan a trip away to get amazing shots of exotic places.

But have you ever come back disappointed?

Did you miss shots because you were struggling with your camera settings?

Did your shots turn out flat. Was the impact disappointing?

One great way to get infinitely better shots is to practice in your garden. Or if you don't have a garden, your local park will is good too.

Honey Bee on Dandelion flower. Photography by Janice Gill

I use my camera every single day. I still discover new things I can do with it as I've only had this one a year. That means I'm much more confident of getting the shot I want. I've become accustomed to seeing as my camera does so I can maximise a composition.

That doesn't mean to say every shot I take is a winner, not at all. But don't forget, even the best photographers in the world used to take a whole reel of film to get maybe one or two great pictures.

Two of my favourite subjects are birds and bees, so I've set up my garden to attract them as much as possible. Flowering plants for the bees and a feeding station for the birds.

Robin in the Garden, Photography by Janice Gill

The feeding station is set up close to a window so I can shoot from behind a curtain and not disturb the visiting birds.

So before you set out on your next adventure, why not do the spade work and crush your next shoot.

Happy Shooting,


Derwent Reservoir, Landscape Photography by Janice Gill

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