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200 Images Website Relaunch

Today I uploaded my 200th image to my website.

All these images are photographs, mostly taken in the UK. They vary from landscapes to macro images, wildlife to farm animals, birds of prey to garden birds.

They are all available to print on a range of items or to download directly.

I have worried in the past whether my photography was "good enough" and if people wanted to buy it, so I tried a few images on Unsplash. To date I have over 35,000 downloads, so I guess people must appreciate it.

This has encouraged me to relaunch my website, which has been sitting idle for about three years. It's a new beginning.

This particular photo is one of my favourites. Harvest mice are so rarely seen, especially in our highly mechanised farming systems and this shot is just so cute with lovely colour on the mouse and fantastic bright eyes.

You can find him here in the shop

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