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2nd Ending, new beginnings

As I mentioned in the last post, today marks two endings for me, one was the end of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, the second was the end of my art exhibition at Kelham Island Arts Collective's Gage Gallery.

The space in the gallery was fantastic. It could easily have accommodated an exhibition for many artists rather than just myself and Jeniveve.

I met some really lovely people over the week and made some fantastic connections. Working as an Artist can often be a solitary occupation so it was great to meet like minded creative people. I was also pleased to hear some of the comments about my work as displaying it this way is a massive step outside my comfort zone. It was educational, too, noting the differences in peoples tastes and perceptions. You can never second guess what will be popular!

This is also the beginning of a journey. I am more convinced than ever that making art is what I want to do. I'm not so keen on the selling it to people bit, but that is a skill I will have to learn if I want to succeed. I hope some of you will join me on my journey and maybe share some of your stories too.

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