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Jangill Art and Photography


We have a range of printed items and downloads of our photography and artwork available.

Printed items are fulfilled by Order a Print and sent from the nearest outlet to your location.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please drop us an email and we will see if we can help. 

Original artwork is available occasionally. Please contact us by e-mail to discuss purchasing from us directly.

We can be found at a number of events through the year including shows and galleries. See our events page for more information.


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Red squirrel1.jpg

My work reflects a long standing interest in the natural world and UK wildlife in particular. After many years, I still find things that amaze and inspire me.

I have become aware over this time of the ecological changes, loss of species and habitats and the impact this may have on life on earth as a whole. 

I'm currently looking to buy land to turn into a nature reserve, with particular interest in providing a safe haven for pollinators. I'll be using much of the earnings from selling my work to help with this aim.

Most of my photographs are taken in the UK - I would love to visit some more exotic locations and see some of the worlds amazing wildlife, but it is difficult to justify flying in the current climate.

I hope you enjoy looking through the images here, and if you can make it to an event I'm attending, please come and say hello.

Best wishes

Janice Gill.

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