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Record temperatures ahead of Ophelia

Yesterday was an unseasonably warm Mid-October day for the UK. The sun shone and everywhere was busy. People were making the most of the fabulous weather before the impending arrival of Storm Ophelia to the British shores.

Ophelia is yet another demonstration of the effect of Global warming. No other category 3 hurricane has tracked so far east in the North Atlantic. Downgraded to a storm, but still with 80 mile an hour hurricane force winds she will have hit Ireland as I write. My thoughts are with the people of Ireland, I can only hope that there are no fatalities in her wake.

Our walk yesterday was at Longshaw Estate, a National Trust owned property that sits on the outskirts of Sheffield overlooking the boundaries to the Peak District National Park. It is an area of millstone grit that forms "Edges", rock formations popular with climber's and artists alike. My favourite walk there is through Padley Gorge which is currently turning the golden orange hues of our slow, gradual Autumn. The season in the UK is not as spectacular as the Fall of the US and Canada, the colours are dominated by golden hues of yellow and orange mingled with the evergreen conifers and holly.

Today's picture shows a typical beech tree as the late afternoon sun lights up the foliage. Even some of the branches get in on the act, picking up the sun's golden glow.

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