• Janice Gill

5 Great reasons to visit local art group exhibitions

At the weekend I visited a local art group exhibition. Called Grenoside Art Group they meet fortnightly in what was once a school and is now used by the community for various events and now called the Reading Rooms.

Despite living just 3 miles away for the last 2 years, I had never heard of them. I was delighted to discover them and happily surprised at the quality and variety of the work displayed.

These are just some of the great reason's to take a little time out of your schedule to give one a visit.

1. Support your local community. Events like this will pay rent to the building caretakers which helps maintain the building for community use. a small entry fee helps to cover that cost.

2. Support local business. Any sales of artwork are helping to keep not only the artist in business but also the framer and art material supplier.

3. There are bargains to be found. Many artists at these groups are retired or part time artists. That doesn't make them any less skilled but often means the prices are lower. You are helping support an artist to do what they love and you get a beautiful original work of art into the bargain.

4. Ideas and inspiration. Looking at the work of others, whether at a major exhibition or a local show, can spark off your own creativity.

5. Make an impact. I was pleased to be able to input some asked for advice while at the exhibition - I felt I had done my good deed for the day. On the flip side of that, the artists at these events are usually very happy to give advice themselves. Many have years of valuable experience.

The picture is one of the two pieces my Husband and I bought. This one is on silk. I love the rich colours and the relaxing subject. It is something I could happily look at through the cold winter months to remind me of summer sunsets and still lakes.

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