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Dr Who anyone?

One of my earliest memories is watching Dr Who on a Saturday evening before bedtime. One particular episode stuck in my head and to this day I recall my reaction. The Doctor and his lady companion met the Cybermen. They were in a kind of hive and broke through the paper like covers to face the Doctor. Cue to end credit music and 7 year old me hiding behind the sofa. The sofa was a horrible green vinyl late sixties job that was probably very hip at the time.

This picture is an homage to the Doctor, his Tardis and his ongoing battle with the Daleks. The backdrop is one of my paintings, inspired by sunspots which made a good approximation to Skaro.

How was it done? A torch created the laser beam moved while the camera was set to 15 seconds exposure in complete darkness. The house lights were switched on for a fraction of a second to give the light in the scene. Repeat until you get the result you want. Yes that was quite a few times :-)

This was all done for a bit of fun but it was practice for new skills, that is creating light trails and working with the camera in the dark.

For me it's a very nostalgic picture that brings back fond childhood memories, even if I was scared. After all the Doctor is always there :-)

What makes you nostalgic? What TV did you enjoy as a child?

All the best,


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