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Show Time - 3 weeks and counting.

Excitement and trepidation are sending my nervous disposition into turmoil at the moment.

Excited to be putting on a show in a very large gallery space, nervous at what could go wrong, especially as I have dragged a fellow artist into joining me.

I think there are 2 extremes of artistic type with regards to selling work - the kind that relishes the prospect and is great at self promotion and the artist who finds it almost impossible to put themselves out there, afraid that no-one will connect with their work.

As an artist, it's necessary to grow a thick hide. People will have opinions about your work and are often happy to share them, loudly. Sometimes, if you are in the wrong place or it's the wrong time of year or a dozen other reasons, you may not sell enough to cover your costs. That can hurt a fragile ego. Sometimes everything clicks and you go home energized and full of creative ideas.

I am definitely towards the "shy and retiring" side. I find it so difficult to make that first step in engaging with people. I'm the listener not the talker, the support role not the lead. I want my work to talk for me, but that is not enough to persuade people that they really want what you have to offer.

Having said all that, I will have no problem talking and enthusing about Jeni's work. The rich bright colours are joyous, the felting tactile, the forms beautiful and full of personality.

How good are you at selling yourself and your products? Does writing a blog feel like open heart surgery? How do you cope if you are not a natural salesperson?

All the best, Janice

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