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2 Weeks left to go.

Today marks half way through my exhibition in Carmarthen at the Greenspace Gallery.

Greenspace Gallery occupies 2 floors of a building at the end of King Street, just around the corner from the handy St Peters Car Park. It is above an Aladdin's cave of an Art and Craft shop and incorporates a great value cafe. I had a jacket potato with prawns and a very nice salad with a cup of Earl Grey for just under a fiver.

The visitor's gallery is on the first floor. It's a white washed room with a few display options ( tables, easels, bookshelf ) and a hanging system that has seen better days, but is usable for lighter canvases. Larger framed work is probably best on the easels.

I am pleased with how the exhibition looks as a whole. As usual, I could have been a bit more organised - I didn't do a poster for the window and had to go buy a book for guests to comment in.

On the second floor is another gallery which includes work by the owner and pieces by other artists. There are cards available and a small amount of pottery and jewellery. This space doubles as seating for the cafe and has a great feel.

If you are visiting, it's CASH ONLY. No cards. There is a cash machine 2 minutes down King Street so all is not lost if you forget. I had to go twice - once for the cafe and again in the shop downstairs.

The watercolour painting below is available at the exhibition. Called Footprints, it is a small piece, ready mounted, perfect for gift giving or filling that little corner with a contemplative piece.


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