• Janice Gill

Like trying to knit fog!

This painting is one of my favourite representational pieces from my work. It is one of a series painted to capture the transient effect of mist, water and light. The series was all painted in oils just over a year ago. They are finally dry enough to be varnished and available for sale.

This particular one shows the mist being gently coloured by the glorious colours of the morning light. The scene melts from sea to mist and light in gentle billows concealing and revealing by turn. The colours are warm and soft, the scene calming and serene. A beautiful piece for a room for contemplation.

Oils are a great medium for this kind of work. They take a long time to dry allowing blending across the whole surface. Use of transparent, translucent and opaque paints brings out the illusion of half seen details and describes the interaction of the mist and light.

Currently on exhibition in Carmarthen at the Greenspace Gallery, look out for it in the shop in October, if it hasn@t sold already.

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Sheffield, UK