• Janice Gill

Guy Martin's Nut

Hello and Welcome to Jangill Art and Photography Blog.

This is the first of a series of articles telling the story behind a painting, photograph or craft piece. In this case, Guy Martin losing his nut.

It was a TT race on the Isle of Man in 2014 and Guy was riding for the Tyco team.

He wasn't losing his temper, he was losing a wheel nut which you can see behind him against the white line.

Sadly, Guy was doing really well in this race, but had to be be black flagged at Ramsay for safety reasons.

In one of his books, Guy writes about the incident, saying that an alteration was made to the suspension due to the impact the road was having on the bike. He also says he would like to meet the people who reported the incident - Guy, we'd love to meet you too!

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