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Banish the Block - Inspiration for Creatives #3

Riga Cafe

This photo was taken at a little cafe in the heart of the old city of Riga in Latvia.

Late April in this part of the Baltic marks the end of winter. Crocus were blooming but the leaves were yet to start the burgeoning from the buds. Warm clothing was a necessity along with waterproofs. To avoid a shower and a soaking we had dashed in to have an early lunch.

I couldn't resist the temptation to arrange my Earl Grey tea and other accoutrements while waiting for food to be served. The result looks like it could have been shot in a little French cafe.

Arranging a still life usually means you have lots of control of the composition. I was a little restricted here due to space but I set the spoon to lead the viewers eye towards the sugar bowl and on via the tongs to the napkin on the jug. I also liked how the teaspoon picked up the light from the window to the right.

This is a photograph to provide inspiration for any project you like. Could it be the setting for a scene in a story? A romantic poem? Or a composition for a painting.

If you use it why not share your results in the comments.

This is part of a regular series both here and on Medium where it is also set up for easy reading and viewing on a mobile phone.

Please feel free to share and say hello in the comments.

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