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Incoming! 10 Great Reasons to Visit the Farne Islands

A trip to the Farne Islands is Number One on my list when visiting the North East Coast. Here's 10 reasons why all artists should visit.

1. Puffins.. Get up close and personal to these comical icons of the feathered world.

2. Arctic Terns... These fast moving fighters will get up close and personal whether you like it or not. You had better leave your hat on!

3. Gannets.. these glorious birds with steely eyes nest on every available cliff top.

4 Seals ... quite often they will be inquisitive about your boat so watch for their heads bobbing up.

5 A ship called Serenity... well more of a boat....I thought it was cool ... OK you're not a Firefly fan.

6 Lighthouse - and one with a heroine, that's gotta be cool right? Grace Darling of Longstone Lighthouse

7 Historic Buildings - Priory, Castle (well fort), Monks Distillery.......

8 Mead. The true amber nectar. Genius

9 Mead. Well just in case you missed it, made by Monks from honey.

10 More mead... and all your work is Marvellous :-)

Just a bit of fun, but seriously a great place to visit to see colonies of sea birds and seals. Most of the Farne Islands have to be reached by boat but the Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a tidal Island and can be reached using the causeway at certain times of the day. Just watch out for the tides or you could be looking for somewhere to stay!

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