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Wool Awareness Week

I am a keen Knitter and Crocheter but I never knew this was a thing - this week is the 8th Wool Awareness week in the UK, the Patron of which is none other than HRH The Prince of Wales.

There are events up and down the country encouraging us all to take another look at this wonderful fibre.

In honour of this week I thought I would show you some of the work of a good friend of mine, Jeni Holness. Jeni is known as Jeniveve to the admirers of her colourful and tactile creations. She uses colour boldly, without fear and introduces luscious textures into statement pieces.

She creates items such as journal covers, wall hangings, corsages, bouquets and even her own fabulous wedding dress.

Jeni is joining me in an exhibition at the end of the month at the Gage Gallery, Kelham Island Sheffield. I'm looking forward posting a virtual tour for that when it's all set up.

For now, enjoy some of her recent work.

The picture above shows Jeni's wedding dress and bouquet utilising felted wool and other threads.

On the right is a corsage, created from felted wool with details added in stitches giving lovely texture.

Below is the wool layered up before felting which will form the basis of a piece.

Do you enjoy using wool?

Or maybe you love to wear it?

What would draw you to this wonderful fibre?

All the best,


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