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31 Day Boost.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

This is the first of 31 days of blogging everyday. From the first of October to the 31st, I have taken up the challenge of posting on my blog every day. Or at least posting 31 times, because, you know, life happens. This post is a case in point. Yesterday I was in a very wet and muddy field having spent an awesome 3 days at a motorbike rally so I missed the first day. But I digress.

The Ultimate blog challenge is aimed at getting a boost of traffic to the blogs of everyone who takes part and bringing new ideas and opportunities to those who take part.

For myself, I am setting myself an extra challenge. I aim to show a newly created photograph or painting every day. That means I will be making something new every single day.

The picture in this post was taken at the above mentioned rally and features one of the bands playing over the weekend.

I hope you'll pop by over the coming month, in the meantime feel free to look around the rest of my website and comment away :-)


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