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7 Great Uses for Digital Downloads

I have been including digital downloads in my shop inventory for a while now at the very reasonable price of just £5. This allows personal use for printing or using in craft projects.

Here are 7 great uses for your digital download which shows how versatile it is and what great value.

1. Most obviously, you can print out your file and frame as a piece of art work. You can either do it yourself or take the file along to a printers who can print on any manner of ground from paper to canvas.

2. Print on Household objects. Mousemats, mugs, coasters, clothes. There are loads of sites on the internet where you can have your image added to dozens of items.

3. Card Making. Use for background papers, decoupage, 3D cards and more.

4. Greeting Cards. Print directly on card with or without a greeting. Quick and easy!

5.Reference. Use as reference material in all kinds of projects. Don't forget to acknowledge the artist/photographer if creating art works. A mention of the website would be great too.

6. Mood Boards. Use to create boards in the planning stages of projects for inspiration.

7. Digital designing. Use the file in Photoshop as a springboard for a new work.

Welsh Robin

I am sure there are many more applications.

If you have any other ideas it would be great to share them in the comments box.

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