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Wonderful Workshop at SAA Headquarters.

Today I spent a lovely day at the headquarters of the Society for All Artists for a workshop instructed by Jeremy Ford.

The subject of the workshop was a hedgerow image and our medium was Gouache.

This is a medium I haven't used before so I was intrigued to see how it is used.

This is what I completed during the 4 hours of painting. This poster style work is something I haven't attempted before, but I'm pleased with the result.

Gouache has a great advantage over my usual watercolour - you can paint over it once it's dry, so here the foreground was painted over the more distant elements whether or not they were lighter or darker than the added motif.

If you fancy learning a new technique or using a new medium, having a look at upcoming workshops is worth a shot. Not only do you get tuition from a professional artist, but you also get to use the materials which are provided for the session.

Of course you can also watch the videos on the SAA website, great if you can't get to Newark although you won't get your hands dirty with the available materials.

This image won't be available as a print in my shop, but I'll be using my new found skills to create a painting of my own very soon.

Best wishes


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