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Finding Beauty

Finding positivity in an increasingly alarming world is becoming increasingly difficult so it's good to see nature's beauty and view with awe.

Still, keeping it this way requires a good deal of hard work across the globe. I plan to do my bit by buying some land and turning it into a nature reserve, planting trees and providing habitat for a diverse range of species.

I had hoped to buy a piece of land, 10 acres in Mid Wales, with the opportunity to manage a wetland, plant willows to support bees, grow fruit on the higher levels and create a flower meadow. Alas, there was too much interest from other parties wanting to put glamping pods on the land or add to their farm. The price went beyond my means, a small inheritance from my parents. I will be continuing to look for suitable opportunities.

This year I am once again doing shows and exhibitions. Keep an eye on the events page to see where I'll be! I'm keeping originals to a minimum as the constant packing, unpacking and transportation inevitably leads to damage, so if there is something in the Gallery you would like to see with an eye to purchase, please let me know through the contact page.

I wish you all good health and happiness and hope for peace and safety for all,

Janice x

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