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Exhibiting in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

This little fellow is currently exhibited at The Orchard Cafe, Shrewsbury Cathedral as part of the Shrewsbury Arts Trail.

He is painted in Watercolour based on one of my own photographs taken at Bempton Cliffs.

The Arts Trail lasts for two months and incorporates many of the exhibition venues in the town. The Orchard Cafe, located right next to Shrewsbury Cathedral at the Town Walls is showing work by the Shropshire Arts Society, all of which is for sale.

There are 16 main participating venues plus 7 cafes and bars showing local artists work.

The trail includes some amazing installations by Andrew Logan at locations around the town. More to follow on that in a later post.

With almost everything within the loop of the river, it's all within walking distance.

With plenty to see and do in the town, it's well worth a trip.

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