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6 Art Blogs to read today.

Art blogs come in all shapes and sizes each with a different take on Art and servicing a reader in different ways. Some feature primarily the Author's own work, some show work from a wide variety of Artists. Some happily sit in niches some have a huge remit and try to cater across the board. Some teach you how to paint, some teach you how to sell paintings. Some provide a historical perspective. Others focus on the cutting edge.

These are a selection of the one's I have bookmarked or subscribed to with my reason for keeping an eye on them.

Making A Mark - This site has a broad reach with reviews of exhibitions and business information. My main reason for following this site is it's comprehensive listing of Open Exhibitions.

Bellamy's Bivouac - This blog is a guilty pleasure for me. When I was at home with young children and learning to paint, David Bellamy was my inspiration. He paints the landscapes where we lived and explained his techniques in an uncomplicated way.

Top Art Blogs is a series of blogs relating to different media. News, products, competitions all feature. Part of the Artists Network website.

Colossal - News from the a wide range of artistic endeavours.

Artsy Shark - Discover emerging artists plus information and advice on the business of Art.

The Abundant Artist - How to sell Art online especially through the use of Social Media

Happy Tree Frog

Today's picture is a happy little tree frog.

Happy Blog Hopping,


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