• Janice Gill

Let it go - negative emotions are damaging.

I didn't write a blog post yesterday because I was angry. I couldn't focus on what I needed to do because I was consumed by negative emotions.

The problem arose at my day job. I work with adults who have special needs providing a service which helps them access activities they could not do alone. Our clients have a timetable they have chosen and we provide activities to fit their wishes and needs.

I like to provide the best service I can, after all, these guys are paying a lot of money to the organisation. Yesterday I fell short of that because another member of staff had a different agenda. I was angry at her for being intractable, for others around me for sitting on the fence (don't get involved) and at myself for feeling bullied. So strong is that feeling of being bullied, I now no longer want to go back to work.

Today, I have to let that feeling go and move forwards. My feelings are hurting only me. The other member of staff is not at all concerned. The fence sitters have their own consciences to deal with.

This incident has reminded me that bullying comes in all shapes and sizes. We should strive to eradicate it at every level before it gets to the stage of recent newsworthy items.

Take care,


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